EXPERTS HOUSE TRADING (EHT) is specialist in installing network cabling

Infrastructures to carry voice and data information throughout the workplace. These networks comply with the EIA/TIA Industry standards for Category 5E and Category 6 and are guaranteed for 15 years. The cabling infrastructure is capable of carrying 10Mbs – 100Mbs and Gigabit network traffic, enabling high speed data transfers as well as Voice over IP and video conferencing.

At this demanding level of performance, network cabling installation is a 'science' and must be industry compliant. Our teams have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to install, test and maintain these high speed networks.

Network cabling infrastructures are now a crucial part of any business communications and essential in the fast moving modern world.


EXPERTS HOUSE TRADING (EHT) has many years experience in installations in all fields, some of which we have listed below:-


·Heavy Industry & Manufacturing

·Commercial & Light Industry

·Hospitals, Surgeries & Dentists

·Small Office / Home Office.

·Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS). Retail / Shops

·Educational & Learning Institutions

·Ministries & Government Scoter

·Private Sector.

·Financial Institutions

·Data Management & Computer Centers

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