We have wide range of products from different worldwide manufacturers in different fields:

Copper Products:

Networking Cables:

1.Cat 5e UTP / FTP Cables.

2.Cat 6 UTP / FTP Cables.

3.Cat 3 Voice Multi-pairs cables

Patch Panels:

1.Cat 5e Unscreened / Screened Patch Panels

2.Cat 6 Unscreened / Screened Patch Panels

3.Cat 3 Voice Patch Panel

RJ45 Wall sockets:

1.Cat 5e Unscreened / Screened single/double gang sockets

2.Cat 6 Unscreened / Screened single/double gang sockets

3.Telephone single/double gang sockets

Pre-manufactured and customized Patch Cords:

1.Cat 5e Unscreened / Screened Patch cords.

2.Cat 6 Unscreened / Screened Patch cords.

3.Telephone Patch cords.

(Different Lengths & Colors are available)

Voice Accessories:

1.Cat 3 Termination Blocks

2.Main Distribution Frame/ Intermediate Distribution Frame

3.Splicing enclosure

4.2 pair Jumper wire


Fiber Optics Products:


Fiber Optics Cables:


1.9/125 Single mode Cables.

2.50/125 Multi mode Cables.

3.62.5/125 Multi mode Cables.

(Different types & Cores are available)


Fiber Optics Accessories:

1.Fiber Optics Patch Panels.

2.Fiber Optics Patch cords.

3.Fiber Optics Adaptors.

4.Fiber Optics Connectors

5.Fiber Optics Pigtails.

6.Fiber Optics Wall Boxes.


Cabinets & Accessories:


Floor Standing Cabinets:

Starting from 18U to 47U


1.600 mm x 600 mm Network Cabinets.

2.600 mm x 800 mm Network Cabinets.

3.800 mm x 800 mm Network Cabinets.

4.600 mm x 1000 mm Server Cabinets

5.800 mm x 1000 mm Server Cabinets


Wall Mounting Cabinets:

Starting from 4U to 18U Height

And Depth of 450 mm or 550mm

(Single Section & Double Section are available)


Open Frame/Rack:

(42U & 45U are available)


1.Roof/Rack Mounted Multiple fan trays

2.Rack Mounted 6 way to 12 way Power distribution Units.

3.Rack mounted Shelves.

4.Heavy duty/Standard Shelves.

5.Sliding Shelves.


7.1U/2U Horizontal Cable manger.

8.Vertical Cable manger.


Active Components:


1.PABX & Telecommunications systems.

2.All types of Network Switches.

3.ADSL Gateways & Routers.

4.Media Converters.

5.Print Servers.

6.Wireless Products.

7.Personal Computer Accessories


Others Products:


1.Stand alone access control systems.

2.Finger / Cards / keypad Access control systems.

3.CCTV systems.

4.Untreatable Power Supply UPS Systems.

5.Raised Access Flooring Systems.

6.Environment Monitoring System.

7.Electrical Products & Accessories.

8.Copper & Fiber testing equipments.

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